A whole month… What the hell?

Wow, I just realized that a whole month went by with out a post. Time to get my game face on and quit fucking around aye? Aye. Life has been less beer-centric the past several months. My work schedule has been getting in the way of life’s important beer events and other such things have been keeping me from focusing the proper amount of time and energy on this blog but don’t worry I’ve got some new things planned. Goin’ to do some comparative beer tastings for beers of similar styles such as Belgian IPA’s and Pumpkin beers. There will be a follow up review of¬†Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout as I have acquired a new bottle. I’ll have some other folks review some beers with me in the future as well. So stay tuned, shits about to get REAL. Well shit might not be getting “real” but shit will get more consistent. “Regular” if you will… so fiber up and check back soon.