Mind Blowing Craft Beer Label Animations

Heady Topper Animation by

Heady Topper Animation by “Beer Labels in Motion”

I just stumbled upon this great site that takes photos of craft beers and animates the label art. All the animations are totally mesmerizing and make me hopeful for a time when we might actually be able to have animated beer labels. Head on over to the site and check out these animated works of art for yourself beerlabelsinmotion.tumblr.com. Also you should check out some Heady Topper for yourself if you can find it. It is one of the hoppiest beers around; filled with resinous coagulated hop oils. yum.

Chocoholics Anonymous

Terrapin Dos Cocoas

Terrapin Dos Cocoas – Chocoholics Anonymous

Terrapin Dos Cocoas is a beer for chocolate lovers. This beer is a resurrection from Terrapin’s past. Originally brewed in 2008 this beer was voted back into existence via Terrapin’s loyal fan base. Dos Cocoas is a rich, smooth, velvety, porter that is encompassed in chocolaty goodness. The nose, palate, and finish are all a robust combination of dark and milk chocolate flavors. The beer gets its’ chocolate overload flavoring from cocoa powder and cocoa nibs provided by Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company.

Stone RuinTen: BOOM! HOPS IN YO’ FACE!



What can I say about this great fucking beer? It should come out more often? Yes. It is an explosion of hops in your face? Yes. Weak pallet-ed individuals might curl up in a corner and cry? Yes. Ahh whatever… When you smell this beer you might feel like you are sticking your face in a big bag of Centennial hops. It really has a straight up hop aroma with not much in the way of malt on the nose. It is a beast. Big bitterness followed up with a blast of piney, citrus, and spicy hop notes. I am glad that I found this pick that I took of the bottle. I thought I destroyed this thing to quickly to snap a photo. Find this and consume it.

Destroyed in June

There has been a lot of undocumented carnage this month. Here are some beers that stuck around long enough to get there picture taken… I missed taking some pictures of some good ones this month though; Stone RuinTen and Avery 20th anniversary IIPA. If you can find either one of those you better drink them or give them to me. Yeah, you should definitely give me the beer. Cheers.