Destroyed in October

A Dark One from the Cellar

SweetWater Happy Ending

SweetWater Happy Ending – A big black hopped up stout

This is possibly(in my opinion) the best beer that SweetWater makes regularly. While I enjoy most of their beers very few leave me satisfied in such a manor as this beast. I pulled this beer out of the cellar the other day cause I needed a beer that would tell my taste buds to wake the fuck up. This beer kicks ass from every direction. It’s got a wonderful aromatic blend of roast, chocolate, pine, citrus, and spicy hops. This thing has gotten nice and smooth over the past 8 months and it still has some hops intact in the flavor and aroma. This brew has lots of toast, roast, toffee, and coffee all complimented by a west coast style hop profile. You won’t see this on the shelves again till January so you’ll just have to drool over the thought of drinking one till then.

The Price is a Matter of Discrepancy

SweetWater Brewing - The Price is Wrong

SweetWater Brewing – The Price is Wrong – Imperial Belgian Pale Ale

It’s been a while since I have been really impressed by a SweetWater Dank Tank but this beer brought me back on-board with the series. Going to add this one to my Dank Tank favorites list(it’s imaginary and located in my head not on this site). Other semi-recent favorites have been Fresh Sticky Nuggs and Goulash. This beer is worthy of it’s Dank Tank title cause it is a big, bold, and tasty beer. It is a Belgian Strong Ale with an American twist; a boat load of tasty hops. The Belgian yeast imparts some fruity and citrus notes that are complemented and enhanced by the dry hopping with Simcoe and Amarillo hops. This beer is big at 9% but it goes down smoother and easier then a lot of weaker beers. If you see one of these beers sitting on your local retails shelf please pick it up and pour it in your face.  Help control the bad beer population. Have your Macro-Beers spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody!

Destroyed in August

August was busy month and most of my beer drinking went un-documented or was on draft but I did manage to scrounge up these beers for the list.

Peppercorn IPA

SweetWater IPA cask with peppercorn and centennial hops

Cask of SweetWater IPA aged on peppercorns and centennial hops.

I made it over to the SweetWater Brewery this past Wednesday and they had an interesting cask of IPA. The cask contained peppercorns and centennial hops which thoroughly enhanced this beer. Spicy peppercorn dominated the nose and palate while the centennial hops made a more modest appearance. If you have time to drink some beers on Wednesday nights then SweetWater is a good place to be. Every hump day they pour unique casks of heady brews that are worth fighting the traffic for.

Can’t stop the Hop

SweetWater LowRyeder

Whats left of a SweetWater Lowryeder Hopped in glass with wet Citra Hops.

I can’t stop putting hops in my beer now. I destroyed two SweetWater Lowryeder‘s that I hopped up with a few fresh citra hop cones. It’s to bad that its not harvest season yet cause I could do this every day. The hops tend to cloud the beers a bit as well as adding little yellow hop “flavor crystals” that float around. With the wet citra hops you get a nice combination of citrus and pine. The wet hops also add a layer of spicy heat to the finish, makes me wonder if hops rate on the Scoville scale at all.